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3 reasons why EVERY 3 year old NEEDS childcare

Updated: May 13, 2021

This is a reminder for parents and whanau who want to prepare their children for school.

This message is for every one of us who understands how important it is to have a positive experience when we FIRST start school - because having a bad start makes THRIVING and getting an education (and a qualification) so much harder later on.

How many people do you know that hated school? How many people do you know that just couldn’t wait to leave?

School should be a positive and fun place where our tamariki have the opportunity to grow, learn and THRIVE.

It all starts when your child turns 5.

Is your child ready?

Here is why every 3 year old needs a HEAD START by attending a childcare centre that promotes being READY for school


When you enrol in a childcare centre that promotes self help skills your child will cope so much better when they turn five and start school. They will be able to put on their own shoes and look after their own property. They will be able to open their lunchbox and eat their food. They will be able to find their way around. They will not have to ask the teacher for help (if there’s a teacher available) to do these things. They will not be left crying if they lose something, they will not get lost, they will not feel unprepared because they will have SELF HELP SKILLS. They will be a competent, CONFIDENT and prepared school starter.


Playing with whanau is easy - but what about when your child starts school and is in a classroom of 30 children and they don’t know anyone? Will your child cope? Do they know how to make friends? Are they comfortable in NEW and unknown environments? Enrolling your child in a centre provides the opportunity to PRACTICE and get good at making friends. They will learn to share, work together, resolve conflict, and they will have fun with children of different cultures.


A childcare centre that promotes being a confident school starter infuses each and every day with the OPPORTUNITY for your child to learn and experience NEW things. Not necessarily sitting at a desk with pen and paper, but by noticing the child’s interests and providing opportunities for the child to explore those interests. Education happens when young children PLAY and a childcare centre offers this to your child.

Is your child 3 years old and NOT experiencing all the benefits of being in an organised childcare centre?

Research shows that children who have been to an ECE centre are more READY and able to COPE when they start school. This means they have a great start to their education, look forward

to going to school – and become competent and confident LIFE LONG learners.

It’s not too late!

Talk to us today - get your child started.

Remember that Eduplay still offers 30 hours free for children over 3 years old.