For New Parents

"To reach real peace in the world, we will have to begin with the children"

- Gandhi


Welcome to Eduplay Childcare in Otahuhu. The decision to enrol your child in an early childhood education service is not an easy one, particularly if it is for your first child. Handing over your child’s care to someone you don’t know is difficult for a parent.

We see ourselves as your ‘learning partners for life’. Your child will learn to grow from dependence into independence as a young learner. As a partner in your child’s learning experience, we link with you (whanau), your child, the community and the wider world. We hope that this experience will provide a solid foundation for your child’s future learning and life.


It will certainly be exciting being at Eduplay. Your child will explore a whole new world of learning as they grow, develop and get to know the world. We have a saying at Eduplay – Te puna waiora, te puna matauranga. “Te puna waiora” means the spring of life. “Te puna matauranga” means the spring of knowledge. Both these proverbs relate to the humble beginnings of new life and learning, and we are privileged to facilitate wonderful learning experiences within a balanced environment of education and play.

Our overarching philosophy can be summarised into the following formula - Education plus Play equals Success. To support this, we have invested a lot of thought into the quality and structure of our learning environments, which aims to heighten learning and development for all children through a wide variety of educational and play experiences. We take notice of the individual child’s particular interests and find ways to encourage and extend that curiosity.


Our week is varied and full as we aim to challenge and nurture the developing skills, interests and needs of each child. Our days are spent with a focus on planned provocations and small group experiences for our children to grow in their development.


Another important aspect of day to day life at Eduplay is mealtime. Eating is a social and learning experience that children love, not only because of our delicious home cooked meals, but because of the structure and routine that surrounds sharing food with a group of friends. Children learn the routine of hand washing, Karakia, serving food, and manners when they have finished their food. Our Sugar Free policy support healthy living, and we do not allow any form of manufactured sugar in our menus and throughout the centre.


Finally, the decision for any parent to enrol their child in early childhood education will always be a difficult one, especially if it is your first child. Conversely, it will be one of the best decisions a parent can ever make, as research shows that early childhood educational experiences impacts immensely on a child’s future learning and life capabilities. Whether it’s three days a week, or five days a week, a quality ECE experience will provide you with one of the biggest rewards in life – an educated child.

We are honoured to be your partners in education and play, and hope that this partnership will enrich your lives and those around you.

“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul.” Friedrich Froebel, founder of the concept of Kindergarten